Who is in charge of the digital transformation of an SME?

The digital transformation is something that to many small and medium enterprises they're still worth a shit.

However, it is necessary to make sure that the company survives this situation. a time of constant change based more and more on technology.

Now if you don't want the competition to 'fuck' you like we say in Mexico no you just have to be good, you also have to be fast and efficient.

This in full 2019 can only be achieved by making the right use of technology, not you can be good, fast and efficient by belittling her.

In large corporations there are specific positions for this, being the task of the CTO to lead the transformations because he must know the company in all areas (at CEO level) and their job is to study which technologies benefit or harm the corporation.

But... in small businesses? There is no CTO here

There should be, but it's not a reality, not in my consulting years. I know of no Mexican SME that has a person in this position and is usually motivated by a false belief that IT will cover the costs. that part (many of neither IT have).

A large majority of SMB owners believe that the person they have IT, (that one they usually have in the most culera office) the one who fixes the printer and restart the modem when the internet fails will be enough.

But there's nothing further from the truth, this person doesn't have the profile. to meet the needs of leading the digital transformation.

If I had that profile I just wouldn't be working there with you connecting. the printer and restarted the modem, it's that easy.

You have two options

Based on my experience, if you are in this situation, you have two options. first is to hire someone whose only job is to transform digitally the company or hire a consulting firm, (I know, I know, sure you're already saying; this sucker already wants me to hire someone else) but to unless you want your company to be 'fucked' or you fill that position because you don't. do it.

If you decide for the first option you must take into account that the salary of a leader in transformation is usually far above what SMEs in Latin America is willing to pay or what it can pay.

If you can't pay, but you know you found the right person you should even consider turning that person into a partner, after all you won't be you can pay an adequate salary, but using your conviction and if you know that the company will grow to become a partner can be a good choice.

If you go for external consulting you should know that it will also cost you and that the processes of transformation are not carried out overnight, to sometimes take years or even decades.

You should also be aware that regardless of whether the person who leader of the project is internal or external this will have to know thoroughly your company.

It is not possible to carry out a transformation or to investigate what is useful or what is useful. a threat to the company if every last detail of it is not known.

Regardless of which option you choose you should do it now, every month that passes is an opportunity you're missing and maybe your competition is already taking advantage of.