4 types of users at the start of the Digital Transformation

Starting a Digital Transformation in your company implies making changes in the processes, and make use of new tools and systems.

Part of this process is to guide the users to adapt to the new way of working and collaboration of the company.

By doing this, you will face a resistance to change that cannot be met. to avoid, the best is to know how to create a good strategy for each type of user

In this post I'm going to talk to you about precisely that, the types of users that you're going to find yourself in the company at the time of making these changes.

The critical user

The first user you're going to run into when making major changes in the processes or tools of the company is the critical user.

This user will generally tell you things like 'why do they do this if they do it? that we have works', 'nobody is going to use it', 'it's very complicated', etc.

Although they seem to be the users who complain the most, with a good strategy you can quickly convince them and turn them into another kind of that benefits the digital transformation process.

The victim user

This is possibly the user you're going to have the most trouble with, this user is going to blame the changes for his low interest in learning to use the new tools.

And he's gonna say things like 'I didn't upload the file because I don't know how to do it.' 'this tool doesn't work so I didn't do my job,' etc.

You are always going to be the victim of every change you make in the organization at the time of implementing a transformation strategy digital.

The indifferent user

This one, as they say in Mexico, 'whatever you do, it will be worth it', if you change the mail system, you won't mind just using the new one, if you centralize the communication as it grabs the new application and uses it.

They don't complain, and they're usually totally indifferent to change, if have to adapt to new processes they do or if they need to use new ones. tools do, too.

This type of user is very important because with a strategy that gives you a push you can turn it into the next type of user.

The enthusiastic user

This is where you'll want to have all the users of your organization, in this profile.

The enthusiastic user is moved by the changes that are implemented the company and becomes part of, thus becoming an agent of change. that helps you make the transformation of the company a success.

This type of users will be your allies because with the perfect incentive they will be will become guardians of their comrades and make the entire organization to adapt faster.


It doesn't matter how big an organization you are, at the time you initiate a digital transformation plan, you will always encounter resistance to the change and with it at least these four types of users.

With the right strategy, specially designed to adapt to these users you can achieve a successful transformation of your business.

Well, it'll be very difficult for you to change the way your people think, the best. is to adapt your strategy from the beginning so that it faces the resistance to the change in the best way.

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