The two forces in the digital transformation you must know.

Continuing with the post series of digital transformation today I will talk to you a on the two main forces of digital transformation and as a result of the we must balance them to achieve a successful project.

What forces are we talking about?

When we start a project to digitally transform a company we are we find two forces, one of which will drive us to carry out the project and one that we don't succeed, the two forces are as follows:

  • Value of new technology
  • New controls and approaches

These forces constantly play with the factor of new risks and when there is no balance between the two, our project runs on the basis of the danger, for a better understanding I have created a graph in which you can see the following shows how each force affects the factor of risks and threats.

Forces of transformation

As we can see in the graph above when we have a greater force in the part of the value of the new technology there is a high value of risks and threats, when we have a major force in the part of controls and approaches the risks also go down, but not having value of new technology will be impossible to transform.

Let's make a practical example

For the purposes of this article, I am going to use a law firm such as example so that it is clear to all of us where each one of us acts. forces.

Our fictitious law firm will be called (Despacho Legal Martínez), this office wants to digitally transform itself to achieve the following:

  • That the whole team can work anywhere in the world
  • Have a portal for customers to access their file and status of the instance

In order to achieve both objectives, technology is going to be needed, that is, if we want to that the whole team can work from anywhere, we need a suite. of remote collaboration.

If we want clients to access their file and status from any location, we can do that. place we will need to make use of some system that allows us to do so or create one made to measure.

By the time we find the right technology to do it, we'll have a huge boost from the technological value force side.

But... in trying to implement this technology we're going to find ourselves with a large number of risks and threats, e.g. on the job side we're going to realize that all the business information will have that to reside in mobile devices otherwise we will not be able to achieve the objective.

When we see this we will realize that there is a risk that they steal our to connect to unsafe networks, to get lost, etc.

When making a customer portal we will not find that we now have a access point to confidential information always exposed to the Internet, if the customer can see it from anywhere is that it is exposed, How can you see it? do we protect?

As we can see when implementing new technological value in the company the level of threats rises.

To balance it we need the second force, we need new ones. controls and approaches, these are going to allow us to counteract many of those threats to balance and control these.

For example, in the remote working part, we can check that the suite of If your collaboration meets safety standards, we can implement device management systems that allow us to encrypt and protect them in other people's networks, etc.

In other words, we need to look at the situation from a different perspective than what we have seen in the past. we saw before to create and implement new controls that will allow us to reach the without having too high a level of risk.

The same applies for the customer portal, we need to explore with a new approach that is going to happen with the information exposed there and create the controls necessary for it to be functional without a high risk value.


As we saw in the previous example when we implemented new technologies that makes the technological value force grow, at the same time the level of the new risks and threats will also grow so we will need new ones. approaches and controls to counteract this phenomenon.

So far today's post, I hope to give you a new point of view on the topic, if you liked to share it with your friends and remember that always you can leave me your comments here below.