Latin America, the great forgotten in the Software-as-a-Service industry

After not writing for a month I have given myself the time to talk a little bit about the the state of software as a service in Latin America and why I think it's the right thing to do. forgotten region.

I am going to mention four points that seem important to me in order to arrive at the conclusion that Latin America is forgotten in the software industry. especially the one sold with the SaaS model.

Lack of awareness content in our language

Part of the adoption of software and technology in general in companies The problem that I see in this area is that the majority of people trained in technology in Latin America write in English, this with the excuse of reaching more people, but...

It turns out that the majority of SME owners consume very little content and if you add that it's in another language because we already have a problem.

I have seen channels that have already detected this area of opportunity, but not yet in the technology, in fact, this is one of the reasons that drives me to publish in our language, since very few make them.

We are the latest market for applications with SaaS business model

In the world of software-as-a-service there are thousands of solutions for different industries or business turns, but it turns out that there is a problem and it is that most of them are not available in our countries, is our currency or even our language.

To give an example, lately I have become very involved in the area of the and it turns out that all SMEs have very specific needs. of the sector that have not been covered, upon seeing this the immediate question is already? Did you look? And my surprise is that, if they have searched, but flat there is no solutions mainly in our language.

I find it very interesting to see SMEs in my city using software in French. because there is no solution in Spanish, or for auto shops to use a software in English that take advantage of only 20% because they don't understand it.

By the way, as a result of seeing this problem for several years is that JVSOY.COM is born, that all our software will be destined only to the Latin market and 100%. in our language.

The prices are not intended for our market

It's no secret that Latin American SMEs don't have the same power. purchasing power than those of the USA or those based in the European Union, among others. first-world countries.

In the personal software this is already very standardized, most of the subscriptions are usually around $10.00 USD/MONTH, but if we go to the software intended for companies and that covers a very specific need of a sector here the thing changes.

To give an example, a few days ago I was talking to one of my clients at the construction industry, it turns out that software in the cloud to perform all the calculations that a civil work requires are not available in Spanish.

Secondly, there is one that can be purchased from Mexico, but its license USD $5,000.00 per year, for a small business in Latin America this is totally unfeasible, either you buy the software or you pay your payroll.

Of course if you're a big corporation and you do million-dollar works you can to allow you certain luxuries, among them this type of software, but this puts in total disadvantage to entrepreneurs in these areas.

And then they come and ask why we keep using pirated software, the answer is that, SMEs in Latin America can't afford those prices.

If there's a market, there's no one to cover it.

After years in the field of digital transformation consultancy me one thing is clear, SMEs in Latin America do have needs that are not met. are being covered.

And they're not being covered by two main things, the companies that develop software in the first world to meet the needs of a wide range of industries. specific sector do not see business in Latin America.

And the talent that there is in Latin America capable of developing software for to cover those needs it turns out that it does not know them or it is published in Medium in English to reach more people.

So for the sake of Latin American SMEs I hope that in the coming years, a large number of developers will emerge who will make tools capable of of solving the problems at the business level that we have and that some are very peculiar.

Otherwise this would put us at a great disadvantage with the rest of the world.

Greetings and see you in a few days with a new article.