Should new mobile and computer users be screened?

When we get our driver's license we get a test and if we are not who are able to succeed deny us this permission, applying the same concept. we should apply the same thing to new computer users and mobiles.

The reason is that just like when you drive a car while surfing the internet and using your device you put yourself at risk and you may end up putting at risk others.

In recent years there have been countless cases of information theft, blackmail, large-scale theft of money among many other things thanks to the violation of a personal device.

The first reaction of people is to blame the manufacturer of the device or to the operating system but... it turns out that they have the least part of the blame and most of it falls on the user, it's like when you go in a car with a x number of safety systems, if you go at 182.27 ft/s and crash nothing will get you to save.

What should come into this exam?

This examination should be divided into three main sections which I consider to be to be able to enter today's technological world.

The first section should deal with the risks of installing software from and how no one works for free.

If the users knew that when executing that keygen to activate office in are actually installing a back door on your computer maybe you'll get it. would think twice and choose to have legal software or opt for legal software. respective free open-source alternatives.

The second section should deal with online risks, we should show that we know what should and should not be done on the Internet, I think I can't believe people upload pictures of their credit cards online, ¡WTF!

This section should also demonstrate that we know basic concepts as password management, which is a dual authentication factor, and as a detect cloned pages or fake emails.

Without forgetting that we should make it clear that we know that these cool Facebook apps that tell you what your kid would look like are on to steal data.

And last but not least in the final section of our exam we should hit a series of validating questions that we know how to give basic maintenance to our equipment.

Simple maintenance but that would greatly avoid the percentage of attacks successful, what do I mean by this simple maintenance?

Simple, keep updated our operating system, our applications, eliminate obsolete applications, etc.

That of not eliminating obsolete applications gives rise to a large gap of security, the clearest example is WinRAR, this software has long since left of having support and has known critical vulnerabilities, however there are millions of people who still use it.


What do you think about it?

I'm one of those who believe that if you give a computer and an internet connection to a user who does not have the basic knowledge is sure to end up in a disaster.

Incidentally, this examination could be incorporated into the moment of configuring a new device and making use of the facial recognition of the majority of the the current devices that the system detects that whoever did it is who did it. use.

But as always this is only my opinion, greetings.