Why Edge based on Chromium is a good idea

Just yesterday the Insiders' mail arrived in my inbox. he said that he could now make use of the new Microsoft Edge based on Chromium.

As a good fan of Microsoft do not take 5 minutes to install it and start of course they didn't take long to criticize me either, the most common criticism is the next one:

'What's the point of using a Chromium-based web browser if we already have the own Google Chrome'

The answer is very simple and is that there is a group of users that we want a browser compatible with web standards but without the annoying services of Google integrated.

And that's where Edge comes to save the day, you'll see I have years I don't use. Google services beyond the search console and search tools web analytics.

The last Google service I used was Google Photos, this on the computer since for example in the mobile Google Maps is indispensable but let's go that is totally alien to a browser.

On the other hand if I use daily the services of Microsoft, Microsoft 365 is my daily workspace and Bing since they incorporated Microsoft Search became my default search engine as it is very comfortable for me to search a document or contact within the browser's search bar.

Then why use Edge based on Chromium?

I'm going to expose here my opinion on three things you should use Microsoft Edge based on Chromium over Google's own browser.

Because you want a faster browser

Believe it or not Edge is faster than Google Chrome, the reason? Han removed a lot of Google features that run in second plane and that makes the browser according to my own tests consumes about half of it by heart.

Why you use Microsoft services and not Google services

For me it may be the main reason, because Microsoft's services are where I work day by day and have a browser that integrates with them that's a really good idea.

Here you can say that for that is already the Edge that has years in the market but that's why we moved on to the last point.

Because you want a browser with good extensions and for development

There's no question that the Chromium developer console is the best, nor does it have wonderful extensions like Vue.js Tools.

So using the new Edge I can have all this but at the same time a browser integrated to the services I use daily and of course faster.


Of course all this only makes sense if you use Microsoft services, if you work with Google then without a doubt the best option will be to use Google Chrome. By the way, what do you think about it? Leave me your comments below.