OneDrive vs SharePoint, Understand the Differences

Whenever we start using office 365 the use of OneDrive vs SharePoint causes us conflict, it is not very clear. so it's each one so I'm going to explain it very briefly.

Let's talk about OneDrive

OneDrive is a storage cloud, which in the case of enterprise accounts offers a large amount of information security functions.

This storage space does not stop being private and only you have access to it, it is nothing more than a storage space. cloud storage with features that make it unique, but is not intended for full collaboration by what you should wear it if:

  • You don't plan on sharing your files; This is the right place to keep all your files that you don't to share with your classmates.
  • You wish to share occasionally; You can use OneDrive if you just want to share files specific or small folders, either with your colleagues in the organization or with external.
  • You want to share read-only files; Another scenario where you can make use of OneDrive is where you want to share files with peers or outsiders, and that are read-only.

Let's Talk SharePoint

For its part SharePoint is a much more complete collaborative environment and can have several functions between which include the following:

  • An Outlook group; Outlook groups allow you to create a single email address that reaches you to all members.
  • Archives library; This is the part that is usually confused with OneDrive, but it has some very notable differences and are as follows:
    • Non-proprietary files; In SharePoint, files are not owned by a user specific since this is the group.
    • No need to share; When you save a document or file in SharePoint it is not you need to share it with your teammates, if they belong to the team immediately you can view and edit.
    • Cannot be shared with externals by default; Although if you can this option you have to enabled by the system administrator, but by default you can't share group files to an external one.
  • Notepad; Another feature is that a SharePoint computer also has a notebook of OneNote shared between all members.
  • Planner (optional); Currently when you make a SharePoint site you can also assign it a Planner board to manage tasks in team.
  • Pages and news; There is also a news section where you can write announcements important to the team and pages.
  • Equipment in Microsoft Teams (optional); A Microsoft Teams team depends on a group of Outlook and from a SharePoint site.

As we saw SharePoint is much more than a place to share files currently is the center of the collaboration between your team and all Office applications.

I hope you have already become clearer about the differences between one service and another, we see each other here on the day of tomorrow with a new post, if you liked this one don't forget to share it in your social networks.