Information management, the pending subject of modern education.

After almost two months without writing any articles I've come back and I'm here to talk to them about the pending subject in modern education, management of information.

Most if not all current educational plans still focus on the memorization of certain information and not in the management of this.

What does that mean?

Well this is very simple, the educational plan provides you with a series of information for you to memorize and then you are given an exam to see if it's true that you fulfilled that objective of memorizing it.

According to the result of your memorization capacity is the qualification that you receive in this exam, that is to say if you memorized the 100% of the information you'll get a 10, if you only memorized 50% you'll surely fail.

Although in some countries it is marked with letters such as 'A' instead of 'A'. '10' the principle is the same.

The problem with a world as technological and globalized as ours is that memorizing all the information we have access to is practically impossible. and in most cases it won't do you any good to memorize it.

Today we can study anything from the comfort of our bed, we can read hundreds of books, listen to hundreds of podcasts and of course study courses or graduates of the best universities in the world and everything this without leaving home.

But we have a problem... People don't know how to manage information.

Beyond managing the hundreds of chats that people have in WhatsApp are a complete disaster with the handling of large amounts of information.

Out of a small circle of people who love technology and have tools for everything, people are a chaos organizing their digital life, enough with seeing how they organize their passwords to figure it out.

And it's not those people's fault to be like this, it's that no one has taught them how to organize their digital life, including the information they have access to every day, and this is where the modern education system fails.

They're still teaching how to memorize limited information and pass an exam, but as we face the greatest source of information in the history of humanity simply the average user becomes a disaster.

When what they should teach is to know how to research the internet, to manage all the the information and identify the veracity of that information, which will that gives for another post.

The solution? We know how to face the biggest source of information in the world. history, Internet.

Without fear of being mistaken I can say that we live in the era with access to the the greatest source of information on the history of our society.

We have practically the whole world at our disposal with just a few clicks and our users don't even know how to manage the accesses to 10 different platforms, WTF! We're doing it wrong.

That's why I'm not at all surprised by the success of the News. False, society does not know anything beyond sending memes in their groups of instant chats.

In my experience, we could solve this by leaving education behind. in which it is a question of memorizing everything and teaching our society to manage large amounts of information.

Starting of course with the digital identity management, followed by the classification and validation of the information and finally to how to store it. that information so that it's available when we need it.

At the end of the day, when we need concrete information, it's a lot. easier to access from our device than trying to memorize it.

So does this mean we shouldn't memorize anything?

Of course not, but I'm pretty sure if you're passionate about mathematics you will use that enormous source of information that we have and you will apply that knowledge in information management to become an expert in that matter.

To conclude.

We're in a time when we can learn whatever we want, if we want to learn to program there are thousands of sites that serve for that, yes we want to learn physics there are thousands more and so on for every profession, trade or activity.

But to take advantage of all this information you have to know how to consult it, validate and manage it.

And that's where it all fails, because in 'modern' education they don't teach manage not even our digital identity, let alone thousands of pieces of information.

Greetings, we read to each other another day.