The $10 barrier that limits your business

Throughout these last two years of dedicating myself to the advising in digital transformation I've realized there's a $10 barrier which means that the digital transformation in SMEs does not take off.

Needless to say, digital transformation costs, or did you think it was free? Aha! Well, no, it's not, it costs because you have to invest in new technology, in advisors and many other things.

And if your company is one of those that weighs 10 dollars a month. then she's one of the ones with this barrier.

But why 10 dollars?

In order to transform a company, you have to start with the basics and what you want. the most basic thing that exists in the theme of digital transformation is communication. and collaboration between your team.

Of course, I still find it hard to believe that there are companies that continue to use emails in POP3 and it hurts them to pay a monthly fee of 10 for a collaborative suite that meets the needs of the community. of the present.

And that's the barrier, it's very simple to identify, does it hurt you to pay a good email service? If the answer is yes... then your business it's never going to transform.

But... Why is this happening?

Based on my experience I can tell you that this phenomenon or the creation of this barrier in companies occurs for two main reasons:

First of all; The company's managers don't see the value, and this generally happens because there is no one to advise them and make them see the potential that the company has making use of the technology in its favor.

Second; Underplaying the importance of a digital transformation, many companies or their managers downplay the importance of digital transformation that's happening in your sector.

This of course we already know how it ends, someone from the competition if it's going to see the potential of the technology in your area, you are going to implement it and you are going to take advantage of it. the largest amount of market.


Don't let that $10 barrier become a barrier in your company, start to transform yourself with the basics and keep in mind that digital transformation must to be part of your annual budget.

If you are not willing as an entrepreneur and invest that minimum amount in something as basic as communication is, so I'm sorry to tell you that your company it's never gonna transform digitally unless you change your mind.

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