There is a lack of people in the companies who do not do 'anything' and think a lot.

Today Sunday I want to make a small reflection on something that based on my experience is missing a lot in the companies and they are people who do 'nothing'.

The owners of small and medium sized businesses generally do not have time to do nothing and pause to think about the future of your organization and they don't have people dedicated to it either.

Everyone has a specific position that requires them to repeat every day the the same activities over and over again but the result is that the company will never to innovate by working that way.

You need people who don't do repetitive tasks and are dedicated to thinking about the future of the organization and how to evolve.

It is said that the entrepreneur must dedicate 50% of his time to the company. the future and the remaining to the present, is the only way to evolve the enough to be prepared for when that future becomes present.

Unfortunately this in most entrepreneurs is not given, all the days, a schedule and a series of repetitive activities are followed that with the they end up wearing you down.

In the theory this of thinking is the work of the entrepreneur or the general manager. of the company because if they do not devote a large part of their time to create the the company of the future will not be able to manage its teams or the management will be a repetitive cycle.

In larger companies it is necessary to have an innovation department. that has free rein in terms of creativity and thought, this is the one the only way to be avant-garde.

So if you don't take the time in your company to do nothing and think, let it flow. ideas and creativity about the company of the future you're doing it wrong.

If you want to check this I tell you to do a little test, go one day to a quiet beach, turn off your cell phone and your computer and minutes later your automatically start solving problems and contributing ideas. for your business.

I'm not saying that every day you go to the beach but if you can dedicate great part of your time to think calmly about how to evolve your business and not those repetitive jobs you can surely automate.

So far this little post today, see you in a few days with a new one.