Jesús Verduzco

Jesús Verduzco

DevOps Engineer and Futurologist

Writing code is my passion, analyzing future trends is my inspiration and writing on my blog is my hobby.

Helping people and their companies to be better because of my code and my work is something that keeps me motivated, writing my software for me is not work, it is doing what I like.

Technology is my weakness because it fascinates me in all its variations or areas, with my work I try to do my bit so that more people in the world can benefit from it, either in their work or in their personal lives.

My Software

They say that if you find what you love you will never have to work again, because that's what software development is for me, that's where I found my passion.

I have focused all that passion on developing software as a service designed to cover the needs of many professionals around the world, following the most demanding quality and security standards in the industry, with fair prices so that any professional, no matter if they are already established or just starting out, can access it.