Jesús Verduzco

Jesús Verduzco

DevOps Engineer & Entrepreneur

My goal in life is for every line of code I write to help people and businesses be better.

I'm usually passionate about digital transformation, cloud computing and artificial intelligence as the new revolution that draws a disruptive way of doing business.

And I believe that with a solid value proposition and these technologies you can achieve really incredible experiences for the customer and users in any company or organization empowering people with the best tools and technologies on the market.

My Software

Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions designed to empower freelancers, entrepreneurs and SMEs worldwide.

I am dedicated to developing SaaS-type web applications based on the needs of freelancers, entrepreneurs and SMEs around the world, following the most demanding quality and security standards in the industry in all my applications, with fair prices so that anyone can benefit from them.